Does blood flow restriction training make you stronger?

Blood flow restriction training is useful in this regard because, while it does not inherently increase muscle activation levels more than normal training, it does allow you to achieve higher total muscle activation levels in a workout with less muscle damage than would otherwise occur. Other research looking at increased strength has shown significant increases in strength during BFR training. That said, it is wise to talk to the primary care physician to determine if a patient is suitable for BFR training. Wearing elastic bandages or pneumatic cuffs reduces the movement of blood that flows back to the heart, so that the part of the body you are exercising fills with blood.

Current research suggests that occlusion training, or BFR, may be a safe and effective way to increase muscle strength and size. Just like in polarized training with aerobic conditioning, going lighter and harder can work, as long as the athlete is carefully monitored. From hiring interns and coaching athletes to making professional changes and interviewing head coaches, coach Ryan Metzger believes you should always think about doing things successfully. Some investigations of restricted blood flow protocols after exercise with healthy subjects show that this is a promising technique.

Peripheral limb stimulation is extremely useful when an athlete is too tired to exercise hard but needs training. When implementing blood flow restriction, the cuff width should be appropriate and the restrictive pressure should be specific to each individual limb. It is important to note that bfr elastic bands do not cause complete occlusion of arterial blood (oxygen-rich blood flowing from the heart to the extremities), so they can be safe for most patients. However, there is increasing evidence that it now supports low-load resistance training (20-40% RM) combined with blood flow restriction that can similarly induce muscle hypertrophy and strength gains.

Due to the nature of training, BFR will not help performance changes in tissue outside of small size changes.

Blood Flow

Restriction (BFR) services are available at select Athletico clinics performed by trained physicians. Now that you understand a little bit about the science of Blood Flow Restriction training, I'm sure you want to learn more about how you can start using BFR safely and effectively.

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