BYRB 7 Day Program - $24.95

The Running Corps “Build Your Running Body” programs bring the training outlined in the book to you, personalized for your fitness level and preferred volume. If your goal is maximum fitness and performance improvement, the Build Your Running Body 7-Day program is your best bet. Your program prepares you for all race distances from 5K to the Half Marathon and includes a 2-week race interlude schedule, so that you can race at any point in your 12-week calendar, then simply return to your program exactly where you left off.


  • Whole-body fitness
  • Race fitness for all events from 5K-Half Marathon
  • Muscle & connective tissue strength
  • Cardiovascular & energy system capacity
  • Nervous system efficiency (running economy)


  • 12-week training calendar
  • Resistance Training, Technique Drills, and Plyometrics as seen in the book, Build Your Running Body, complete with page number references
  • Built-in increases in mileage (if requested)
  • Incremental pace adjustments for all workouts
  • Info on diet, adjustments for age, and more
  • Currently training 5-7 days per week
  • Currently averaging 30+ miles per week
  • Targeting multiple races
  • Who own or have ordered copy of Build Your Running Body

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