4 Day High-Intensity Program - $24.95

The Running Corps 4-Day High-Intensity program is geared toward time-constrained athletes whose primary goal is increased whole-body fitness coupled with running performance improvement. You’ll utilize proven higher-intensity training to reap many of the benefits of high volume programs. You’ll develop the fitness to race at any distance from sprints through the half marathon, while having three free days per week for your busy schedule.


  • Whole-body fitness
  • Race fitness for all events from 5K-Half Marathon
  • Muscle & connective tissue strength
  • Cardiovascular & energy system capacity
  • Nervous system efficiency (running economy)


  • 12-week training calendar
  • 10-exercise resistance training program
  • Built-in increases in mileage (if requested)
  • Incremental pace adjustments for all workouts
  • Separate 2-week race preparation & recovery schedule
  • In-depth guide for 4 high-intensity full-body workouts Only available for 4-Day programs
  • Under time stress
  • Currently training 2-4 days per week
  • Capable of averaging 15+ miles per week
  • Involved in multiple sports (or x-training)
  • Targeting multiple races