7 Day Program - $24.95

The Running Corps 7-Day training program is perfect for runners who view running as a lifestyle. If your goal is maximum fitness and performance improvement, the 7-Day program is your best bet. Your program prepares you for all race distances from 5K to the Half Marathon and includes a separate 2-week race schedule, so that you can race at any point in your 12-week calendar, then simply return to your program exactly where you left off.


  • Whole-body fitness
  • Race fitness for all events from 5K-Half Marathon
  • Muscle & connective tissue strength
  • Cardiovascular & energy system capacity
  • Nervous system efficiency (running economy)


  • 12-week training calendar
  • 10-exercise resistance training program
  • Built-in increases in mileage (if requested)
  • Incremental pace adjustments for all workouts
  • Info on diet, adjustments for age, and more
  • Currently training 5-7 days per week
  • Currently averaging 30+ miles per week
  • Targeting multiple races